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life with a (sometimes grudgingly) half-full glass

Birthday Songs for Chris

It’s my friend Chris’ birthday today. In fact, I have lots of birthdays in my life around this time of year; lots of chances to celebrate some of the people I love most dearly.

But it was Chris who challenged us to listen to our favorite songs on his birthday. And share them. And just like that, my day got brighter.

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Sometimes- especially these days- I just need to keep it simple.

Wooo-saa. And Other Ways I Deal.

My world is freaking out (or fweaking out, if you’re my nephew). With good reason, but the fact remains. Anxiety induced panic attacks, excessive drinking, hiding under blankets on the couch, obsessively calling legislators. Fweaking. Out. Continue reading “Wooo-saa. And Other Ways I Deal.”

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